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Server Info


The current season opened on April 14, 2023 running the modpack - Skyfactory 4

You can connect at pve.limeterracotta.com

Client Mod Adjustments

  • If you want to fix the font your client displays (yes, the lower case n's show as upper case) do the following:
    • Click ESC -> MOD OPTIONS -> SMOOTH FONT -> CONFIG -> FONT -> Choose any other font you like and hit APPLY

Season Information

  • Season 7 Spawn was created Bermudalocket

Map Information



Mod Command Effect
Topography /tofe [option] Allows you to interact with someone elses island (join, leave, etc)
/tofe invite Invites another player to your team, if you don't have a team one will be created
/tofe accept Accepts an invite to join a team from a player
/tofe decline Declines an invite to join a team from a player
/tofe kick Kicks a player of your team. Only team owners can do this.
/tofe info Gets the players of your team
/tofe forcesync Forces a sync from another player of the team