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Server Info


The current season opened on July 18, 2020 running 1.16.1

As of September 24, 2020 we are running 1.16.3. you can connect at pve.limeterracotta.com


This server is currently running in graylisted mode, meaning any user can join the world but only approved members can build or interact with items. If you wish to be added to the list of approved users please contact Silversunset#9967 in discord

Season Information

  • Season 2 Spawn was created by Sir_Didymus
  • Phantoms have been disabled globally, membranes will now drop from zombies when killed by players
  • Head Database has been added for player use

Map Information

  • The Overworld is 6000x6000 wide (3000 radius) with vanilla world generation. There is a pre-generated nether portal located at spawn
  • The Nether is 6000x6000 wide (3000 radius) with vanilla world generation. There is a pre-generated nether portal at Y100 (x:-5,z:0)
  • The End is 6000x6000 wide (3000 radius) with vanilla world generation

Differences from Vanilla

Custom Commands

The following custom commands have been added for [insert reason here]. Enjoy!

Player Commands

Command Action User Level
/allrecipes unlocks all recipes in the recipe book Everyone
/dwmh Returns the location of your most recent vehicle. Everyone
/formatting Displays all allowed chat formatting codes Everyone
/petowner Displays the owner of a tamed mob. Must be looking at a spot on the ground within 3 blocks of the mob. Everyone
/portal Displays Netherportal coordinates in the 'other' world. See #Nether Portals for more info Everyone
/who Lists all players and which world they are in Everyone
/myinfo Display Username (or nickname if set by admins), Current coords, Bed Location for [self] Everyone
/signtext Custom texts for official signs - black text only Everyone

Staff Commands

Command Action Staff Level
/cregion [player] [region] Creates a region using the currently selected area and applies default flags Modmode
/addflags [region] Applies default flags to the specified region Modmode
/itemname [name] Renames the currently held item Admin
/worldflags Applies default flags to the current world Adminmode
/golemspawner [tier] Places an iron golem spawner at your feet. Adminmode
/promote [user] Advances the specified user in the player hierarchy. Guest -> Member -> Moderator Admin
/demote [user] Demotes the specified user along the player hierarchy. Moderator -> Member -> Guest Admin
/allowperm [group] [permission] Adds a permission node to a specific group Admin
/denyperm [group] [permission] Denies a permission node from a specific group Admin
/removeperm [group] [permission] Removes a permission node from a specific group Admin
/signtext Custom texts for official signs - gives permission to color codes Adminmode
/citoggle Toggles /ci confirmation mode. Modmode
/nv [#] Applies night vision while in mod mode. If no time (in minutes) is entered default is clears after 1 hour Modmode
/mc [#] [player] Count the number of entities within [radius] radius of players. If no player specified, it will return a list of players and the # of entities. If a player is specified will show the top 5 mobs within [radius] of that player (default radius = 100) Admin
/pinfo [player] Display in-game info about user (bed location, player name, nick name,permission groups, etc) Admin
/find-pets [radius] [types] [owner] [name] Locate pet within radius specified. Name and owner are optional. Max radius 200 Adminmode
/find-entity [type] [radius] Locate entities within radius specified (i.e. ITEM_FRAME or SHULKER_BULLET) Max radius 200 Adminmode
/tp-pets [x] [y] [z] [world] Teleport lost pet to coordinates specified. World is optional, if no world is listed the current one will be used Adminmode
/terracounter -e ENTITY_TYPE Count how many of ENTITY_TYPE are in the world Admin
/terrabutcher -e ENTITY_TYPE -r RADIUS -n LIMIT Kill LIMIT of ENTITY_TYPE within RADIUS Admin

Custom Recipes & Trades

Due to the smaller size map and world border the server is missing some natural biomes/blocks/items. To compensate for this the following custom recipes and trades have been implemented

Custom Trades

Custom Traders are located at spawn (x:-4, z:-15)

  • Jungle Jim - sells Jungle saplings for 10x of any other sapling and panda spawn eggs for 10x diamonds.
    • Panda eggs added Nov 22, 2020
  • Badlands Bob - sells 1x Terracotta for 1x Cobblestone

Custom Recipes

Missing Items

Lazy Crafting

Have you ever needed to make a HUGE number of [insert thing here] but didn't feel like tediously breaking down raw materials first. Now introducing the LazyCrafting™ system!

Type /allrecipes in-game and they will all be added to your recipe book!

Container Locking (LWC)

This server uses a plugin called LWC to automatically protect chests and furnaces to the person who placed them. There are commands available to modify the behavior of these chests

Command Action
/cmodify username Grants permission to the chest to the username specified
/cmodify -username Removes permission to the chest from the username specified
/cmodify r:regionname Grants permission to the chest to all users listed within the regionname specified
/cmodify [type] Modifies a chest to the new type based on the [type] entered. ex: /cmodify donation changes the current chest to a donation chest, and would replace /cremove and /cdonation
Note: /cmodify public appears to be broken in the current version of LWC. Please use /cremove followed by /cpublic
/cdonation Creates a donation chest, where all users may enter items but only the owner may remove them
/cremove Removes all permissions from the chest - this is dangerous as anyone can then lock the chest to themselves
/cprivate Creates a private lock on the chest that only the owner can open. This is the default for all placed chests
/cpublic Creates a public lock on a chest - this means that only the owner can remove the chest but any user may add/remove items

Additional commands and explainations can be found here.

Head Database

Players now have access to a Head Database for custom decorative heads. All heads cost 1x Diamond (except for Dragon heads which are 5x Diamonds). To access the database you can use the following commands:

Command Action
/hdb Opens the head database GUI
/hdb search [term] Searches the database for a head using the term specified
/playerhead [name] Gives a player-head for the name specified


[Added MAY 2, 2020] By popular request all owned horses (i.e. horses that have been tamed) are now be immune to suffocation damage. This does not make them invulnerable to any other form of damage, and they WILL still show the suffocation animation / noise, but to combat the "dying because they went through a portal and suffocated in the frame" bit i've negated the actual damage they are taking.

Additionally horse deaths are now logged, so if you have a horse that you feel died due to server problems please /modreq with as much information as you can and I'll look into it.

The command /dwmh has been added - this will locate the coordinates of the last horse you rode so you can find it easier.

Iron Grinders

WARNING: Due to a bug in 1.16 golem spawners are currently disabled. You may still create vanilla iron grinders as needed.

In order to alleviate lag due to excessive villager buildup in iron grinders we will be using a mob spawner to generate golems.

Spawner Mechanics

  • Every 6 minutes the spawner will attempt to spawn a golem within a 5x5 area centered on the spawner (aka spawner + four blocks out)
  • Golems will not spawn below the spawner, they will only spawn on solid blocks level with the spawner itself
  • Players must be within 25 blocks of the spawner to activate it (this is raised from the default 16 blocks for normal spawners)
  • Due to Mojang spawner mechanics a spawner will attempt to spawn up to the number of golems identified by its Tier number. This means that a Tier 2 spawner may generate one *or* two golems each time, a Tier 3 may generate one, two, or three each time.
  • If there are 25 golems within radius of the spawner the event will cancel and no golems will spawn

How to obtain a Golem spawner

  • Collect the following materials and place them in a chest:
    • 5 stacks of cobblestone
    • 16 wooden doors
    • 16 iron ore
  • /modreq for golem spawner placement

Players may request 4 individual spawners be placed. All spawner requests and tier upgrades carry the same cost.

How to build an iron grinder

  • Build a box to spawn golems
    • Golems will spawn fine in a well-lit room, which is recommended to prevent other mobs
  • Build a killing mechanism for the golems
    • Generally lava works the best
    • Make sure to leave space underneath for item collection
  • Mark where you'd like the spawners using an "odd" block
    • This just needs to be something that stands out
    • You can use the chest of required materials or even just a block of wool (anything that is different from the rest of the box)
  • Submit a modreq requesting a spawner / upgrade (make sure to have your chest of materials ready for sacrifice)
    • Ex: /modreq please replace [block] with spawner
    • Ex: /modreq please upgrade spawner to Tier 2

Nether Portals

In order to prevent accidental grief as well as creating portals outside of world border the following restrictions are currently being enforced:

Nether Portals in the Overworld

  • no restrictions, as long as they do not otherwise cause grief

Nether Portals in the Nether

  • All portals must be within 185 blocks of spawn - this is to prevent spawning nether portals outside of the overworld world border
  • All portals must be between y100 and y105 - this is to help alleviate portal overlap
  • The spawn Nether portal is at coordinates x:-3 y:100 z: 0

How to make a Nether Portal

via Modreq

  • Create your portal frame out of obsidian in the Overworld
  • type /modreq please light my portal - this will allow staff to light the portal at the correct coordinates in the nether


If you are feeling adventurous and do not want to wait for staff you can also create and light your portal manually

  • Create your portal frame out of obsidian in the Overworld
    • Portals should be of a 'reasonable' size, to prevent lag or mob spawning issues
    • Minecraft Wiki Page - for additional mechanics related to nether portals
  • Type /portal in-game, this will give you the coordinates where your nether-side portal *should* be. Make note of these coordinates
  • Light your portal with flint & steel
  • Go through the portal - you will most likely end up at a nearby portal if any exist, or Spawn if none do
    • WARNING: There is a chance you will die going through the portal due to some quirks with them. It is strongly suggested that you chest all of your inventory/gear the first time you travel through until the portals are properly linked. If you die on death your items cannot be restored
  • Travel to the coordinates obtained from the /portal command and create a second Nether portal frame
    • The spawn nether portal is at y:100, if you want your connecting road to be level the bottom block of your portal should also be at y:100
  • Light it, and travel through. You should connect back to your original portal

Should you run into issues with your portal, please /modreq with as much detail as you can fit.


This server is currently running under a gray list. Additionally we have a plugin called WorldGuard that allows for individual protected regions on the server.

If you have a build you would like to request protections for, please mark the two opposite corners in an obvious block and /modreq for protections.

Additionally it is recommended (but not required) that things like mob grinders, iron grinders, and nether portals be protected from grief to avoid accidents.

Water / Lava

The server uses a plugin called SafeBuckets as an accidental grief prevention tool. When you place water/lava (on the ground or in a dispenser) the blocks will not flow automatically by default.

To make your liquid flow, place it then type /flow and left-click. The liquid will then flow as normal.

In the event that your liquid does something weird submit a modreq.