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The below commands are available for you to use. Additionally you can use Commands: World Edit

Command Effect

/nv [minutes] /nv clear

Applies the Night Vision effect for the number of minutes specified. If none are specified, the command defaults to 60 minutes. If /nv clear is used, the effects will be cleared.
Toggle between creative and survival mode
Grant/remove immortality while still allowing mobs to behave as though you were in survival mode.
/rg list List all regions you own
/rg sel Selects a rection. If no name is specified, defaults to the region you're standing in
/rg i Displays region information. If no name is specified, defaults to the region you're standing in
/rg addmember [region] [username] Adds the specified user to the region as a member -
/rg addowner [region] [username] Adds the specified user to the region as an owner
/rg removemember [region] [username] Removes the specified user from the region
/rg removeowner [region] [username] Removes the specified user from the region
/weallow [region]
/wedeny [region]
allow (or deny) worldedit in your region. Can only be run by region owners
/mvlist Lists available multiverses
/mvwho Lists players online per world
/mvtp [world] Teleports user to the world specified
/23 Teleports user to the Rev 23 Planning world
/lobby Teleports the user to the initial Spawn world
/spawn Teleports the user to the world spawn
/flow Allows the user to toggle water flow (you must click the water source after typing this)
/clear Clears the player's inventory
/gamemode [survival | creative] Change the game mode of a player. 0 = Survival mode, 1 = Creative mode, 2 = Adventure mode.
/help Shows a list of server commands in the console or in-game.
/kill Commits suicide.
/list Lists all currently connected players.
/me [msg] Says a message from the player's point of view: * player1 is building a castle!
/rain on
/rain off
Turns the rain ON or OFF
/tell [user] [msg] Allows the user to privately message another player.
/tp [player1] [player2]
/tp [player1] [x] [y] [z]
Moves player1 to the same location as player2.
Moves player1 to the exact coordinates.
/time [add/set] [amount] Add to or set the world time. Amount may be a number between 0 and 24000, inclusive, where 0 is dawn (i.e. clock is bisected; left side is day) and 12000 is noon.
/afk [player/message...] Marks you as away-from-keyboard.
/back Teleports you to your location prior to tp/spawn/warp.
/compass Describes your current bearing.
/condense [itemname|id|hand|inventory] Condenses items into a more compact blocks.
/delhome [player:] Removes a home.
/depth States current depth
/disposal Opens a portable disposal menu.
/gamemode Change player gamemode.
/getpos [player] Get your current coordinates or those of a player.
/hat [remove] Get some cool new headgear.
/help [search term] [page] Views a list of available commands.
/home [player:][name] Teleport to your home.
/home [player:][name] Teleport to your home.
/list [group] List all online players.
/mail [read|clear|send [to] [message]|sendall Manages inter-player, intra-server mail.
/me [description] Describes an action in the context of the player.
/motd [chapter] [page] Views the Message Of The Day.
/msg Sends a private message to the specified player.
/near [playername] [radius] Lists the players near by or around a player.
/nick [player] Change your nickname or that of another player.
/ptime [list|reset|day|night|dawn|17:30|4pm|40 Adjust player's client time. Add @ prefix to fix.
/pweather [list|reset|storm|sun|clear] [player|*] Adjust a player's weather
/r [message] Quickly reply to the last player to message you.
/realname Displays the username of a user based on nick.
/rules [chapter] [page] Views the server rules.
/seen [playername] Shows the last logout time of a player.
/sethome [[player:]name] Set your home to your current location.
/sethome [[player:]name] Set your home to your current location.
/skull [owner] Set the owner of a player skull
/suicide Causes you to perish.
/tp [player] [otherplayer] Teleport to a player.
/tpaall [player] Requests all players online to teleport to you.
/tpacancel [player] Cancel all outstanding teleport requests. Specify [player] to cancel requests with them.
/tpaccept [otherplayer] Accepts a teleport request.
/tpaccept [otherplayer] Accepts a teleport request.
/tpahere [player] Request that the specified player teleport to you.
/tpdeny Reject a teleport request.
/tppos x y z[yaw] [pitch] [world] Teleport to coordinates.
/tptoggle [player] [on|off] Blocks all forms of teleportation.
/warp [pagenumber|warp] [player] List all warps or warp to the specified location.
/workbench Opens up a workbench.