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General Rules

  • Be respectful and civil toward your fellow players
    • Harassment, threats, trolling, racism, doxxing or any other conduct that is considered generally disrespectful will not be tolerated
    • Do not spam chat
    • Advertising is not allowed
    • Do not build too close to another user without permission.
  • Cheating in any form is not allowed - this includes xray, hacked clients, or exploiting in-game glitches.
  • Grief is not allowed
    • If you did not make something you may not break it.
    • Do not kill mobs owned by other players (hostile or passive)
    • Do not spam blocks or entities
    • Farms should be considered public, as long as you replant
  • Be conscious of the amount of lag you are creating
    • Redstone contraptions that cause lag may be modified or removed at staff discretion
    • Large accumulations of mobs and may be culled at staff discretion
    • Overuse of hoppers is discouraged and may be removed at staff discretion
  • Client mods that do not give an advantage are allowed
    • Allowed: (examples) Minimap mods, HUD mods, macro/scripting mods (only allowed to replicate things that can be done manually), villager trading mods (that do not bypass normal trading mechanics)
  • Player traps or PvP is not allowed unless inside a designated area or during special events

Additional gameplay info can be found here