Welcome to Season 8!

Server is players

LimeTerracotta is a server that focuses mainly on community building and collaboration. We generally play a semi-vanilla gameplay - Currently we are running a mostly-vanilla server. You can join without client mods but we do have some in-game tweaks that help make things more interesting!

The most up-to-date and relevant information can be found on our wiki, including the server rules as well as more information on how we like to play.

View our Maps Online


Want to know who is online and where they are building? Trying to find a specific biome to build in? Check out the Livemap and see!


Ever wish you had a map that wasn't *quite* live? Find something cool or make a giant melon farm? Maybe you've got a rail network you want to map out! Share the info on the Deadmap

How to Join

LimeTerracotta is currently set up under a graylist, which means that anyone can join but only approved users can interact.

Connect to - have a look around, and if you decide you'd like to play with us you can reach out to Bermudalocket or Silversunset in game, or join our discord to chat there!

Come chat with us!