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Datapack/Other Description Version Planning
LazyRecipes Custom recipes for bulk crafting 1.16.1 -
Display Coordinates Displays a users current coordinates on the bottom of their screen 1.15.1 -
CommandHelper (scripts) custom scripts used in Command Helper 1.16.1
Plugin Description Version Planning
BlockStore API (required for WorldEdit & Safebuckets) 1.16.1
Cleanroom generator Custom map generator 1.14.4
Command Signs Run commands ingame from signs/buttons/pressure plates 1.16.1 -
CommandHelper custom scripts, macros, aliases 1.16.1
Dynmap Dynamic online server map 1.16.1 -
EssentialsAntiBuild Miscellaneous utility commands 1.16.1
EssentialsChat Miscellaneous utility commands 1.16.1
EssentialsSpawn Miscellaneous utility commands 1.16.1 -
EssentialsX Miscellaneous utility commands 1.16.1
GridGenerator Multiverse compatible world generator for Minecraft that creates a chunk aligned grid. (Compatible with 1.14.4) 1.13.2 -
Head Database Access to player heads via database GUI 1.16.1 -
Inventory Rollback Logs player inventory and allows admins to restore in case of server bug 1.16.1 -
LogBlock Logs user edits and allows for rollbacks 1.16.1
LuckPerms user permissions management 1.16.1
ModernLWC Chest locking and protections 1.16.1 -
ModMode Keeps mod functions separate from player functions 1.16.1 -
ModReq Moderator Requests 1.16.1
MultiverseCore Allows for multiple world beyond the standard overworld/nether/end 1.16.1
Plan Player Analytics 1.16.1 -
SafeBuckets Allows for "safe" non-flowing liquid 1.16.1
Standmaster Custom armor stands 1.16.1 -
Spark Performance Monitoring 1.16.1 -
Statz Logs and displays ingame player stats 1.16.1 -
StrictPortals Allows for restrictions on Nether portal generation 1.16.1 -
Vault API (required for LuckPerms) 1.16.1
World Edit Selection Visualizer Highlights world edit selections 1.15 - -
WorldBorder Allows a non-vanilla world border with custom functionality 1.16.1
WorldEdit Allows for world manipulation via command 1.16.1
WorldGuard Allows for protected areas within the map 1.16.1
WorldGuard Extra Flags Additional flags for WorldGuard 1.16.1

Orange version numbers indicate plugins not updated past this version but works on the current server

Red version numbers indicate plugins have not mentioned a 1.15+ update as of the last update of this page.

Plugins last checked: 2020-07-18