Need Help?

What is this server?

This is the planning server for the town of Haven. We play on the servers and use this to organize our builds.

How can I join the server?

If you are a member of Haven please see a mayor to be added to the whitelist!

Oops something broke!

If you find something that doesn't work properly please ping Silversunset directly (discord is usually best)

How do I get to the planning world?

Type /23 to access the Rev 23 Planning world

How can I get back to spawn?

Type /spawn to be taken back to the worlds spawn point

Can I have my space protected?

The server is whitelisted to Haven members only so it *should* be safe. However if you are concerned or would feel better with a region please see a Mayor.

My space is protected, but I'd like to let someone build

You add or remove users from your space with
/rg addmember [region name] [username]
/rg removemember [region name] [username]

Can I use world edit?

As a precaution world edit is restricted to region owners. Please see a Mayor to have a region set up.

You can also enable/disable world edit within your region with
/weallow [region name]
/wedeny [region name]

What commands are available?

See the commands page for a full list of commands that you can use. Hopefully nothing is missing or wrong but let me know if you find any errors.